'It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves'-Sir Edmund Hillary
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What is Good Mental Health, and how can we achieve it to make our lives successful ?
The World Health Organization defines good mental health as being more than just the absence of a mental disorder. A person who is mentally healthy has a state of well-being in which he or she maximizes their own abilities, is able to cope effectively with life�s stresses, maintains healthy relationships, can work productively, and is able to contribute to the well being of the community.
Good Mental Heath
Mountain Path

Have you come to believe that your life has become a mountain that you cannot climb? Do you feel that your emotional balance, and your life in general, is no longer under your control ? Perhaps you are trying to cope with major issues that are emotionally overwhelming, or are facing life challenges that you feel you cannot resolve. Your self- confidence and daily enthusiasm have become weakened, and you find yourself pessimistic and worried about your future. These types of beliefs and feelings may have begun to lead you into negative behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse as a way of coping with thoughts and feeling that are out of your control.

These types of mental health issues could be preventing you from having a fulfilling and enjoyable life. We can help you to regain the good mental health that you have had in the past, and that you can have again. Our counseling approach will help you gain new insights into your strengths that can be used effectively to cope with both negative feelings and existing low self -esteem. Our professional skills will help you to reduce unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, as well as guide you towards taking back control of your ability to be happy and in charge of your life.

We encourage you to believe in yourself, and know in your heart that you are a valued and special person who can overcome any challenge. The road to good mental health is there for all of us if we are willing to take the first step.

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CAS is a professional counseling service that provides outpatient mental health therapy and life skills coaching counseling to individuals who are seeking to take back control of their life. The therapeutic approach reflects the philosophy of the psychologist... Click below to read more

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Every aspect of our lives affects how we feel, for better or worse. If you are concerned about your mental health and the quality of your life, we can help you  make the changes in your thoughts and behaviors to both feel better, and achieve your goals... Click below to read more

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